Virgil Holifield Scholarship

There are many talented individuals that are in need of the second chance or fresh start that an education could provide but aren’t afforded one due to the limitations of their finances. We believe that any student that has the passion, drive and commitment to pursue higher education should have an opportunity to do so. The Virgil Holifield Scholarship exists to ensure that resources don’t prevent deserving students from accessing a quality education.

Through a demonstration of both financial need and merit (demonstration of positive character values, passion and community involvement) students will have an opportunity to apply for awards from $500-$5000 to aid them in financing their education. Named after an industry veteran in Tacoma, Mr. Virgil Holifield, it is our hope that this scholarship will too have a longstanding impact on the community for years to come.

To Apply, please contact our office at: (253) 212-2517